The Search for an Artisan T-Shirt Printer

How 16 years of hand printing graphics produced Dan’s Custom Prints, the authentic, classic hand crafted print shop   

    That’s it!” Dan’s Custom Prints operations manager said, after her first look at a new design freshly printed on a T-shirt in the shop. “This is what they used to look like! The good old time prints, you just don’t see anymore!” she proclaimed with excitement. And so when we decided to open our print shop we borrowed from the hand crafted manual techniques from days of old. What a treat and surprise you are in for the first time you lay your eyes on your custom hand illustrated and hand printed shirts. Dan’s Custom Print’s is like no other printshop you have known before. Unbelievably classic and timeless, each print engulfing you with warm memories and a nostalgic feeling words can’t even begin to describe.

How Dan’s Custom Prints develops superior graphic design and prints for local business owners

    To create a new design for print, Dan’s Custom Prints designers take the time to hand illustrate and customize graphics over and over to find the most excellent aesthetic. Over 16 years ago Dan began his search for screen printed shirts that were not printed with generic clip art, but decorated with a more authentic look and feel. A look that is more artistic and original. It took Dan over 12 years to aquire the skills and techniques to execute his vision. Having worked in every position in the industry, he has been able to gather the skills and knowledge of the craft. His respect for the tradition of skilled work further drove him to embrace the artisan manual techniques rather than the newer automated presses that have become the industry standard. Only after embracing the artistic applications and printing techniques of the crafts earlier stenciling methods, were we finally satisfied that we had found what Dan first started looking for over 16 years ago. Free custom graphic art with any print order Every print order comes with custom graphic art design at no extra cost! As well as free personal delivery of orders in the Columbia River Gorge area. Here at Dan’s Custom Prints, we are passionate about working with business owners to develop designs that fit your originality and stand the test of time. So order your shirts now, for a generous return!

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